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Calculate costs of car ownership (with enviro costs)
New to carCosts? Try using the EZ entry option. It's a lot simpler!
Once you get used to the options, you can use the worksheets below to a customize a number of settings (such as interest rates, maintenance formulas, etc etc etc).

General variables: Number of cars: Time horizon: Discount rate:
Fuel costs variables: Full gas price per gallon: Open worksheet Full electricity price per kwh: Open worksheet
Enviro-manufacturing costs variables: Gallons per lb of normal car Gallons per lb of hybrid car Open worksheet
Environmental costs Cost of ton of carbon
Miles driven
per year
Your total miles is assumed to NOT depend on what car(s) you drive.
Short trip miles: Open worksheet Long trip miles: Total miles:
Insurance & repairs Yearly maintenance (and car related insurance) costs are appoximated by the current miles on a car. open worksheet
Summary tables    
Basic parameters (same for all cars): Time span: years Short trip miles: Long trip miles: Discount rate: Full gas price: Full KWH price:
Yearly fuel costs, and differences in yearly fuel costs, of cars & collections
Car Average
Yearly Fuel Cost EV shortfall Cost differences (-values means row less expensive than column)
Car costs: various beginning, yearly, and present value over all years
Car Price
Enviro build
Yearly Fuel Cost Yearly Maintenance
End value
  Present value of yearly costs (fuel + maint) Present value of gross costs (yearly + price + enviroBuild) Present value of net costs (gross - endValue)